If you are applying for hdfc credit card

You may want to say no to (reasons below)
1. Smart pay
2. Wallet security

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I just got new credit card from hdfc.
These are few pointers for new applicants

1. The sales team is pathetic... they will try to sell you shit. If you are applying for specific card, then make sure they take the application for the same. Don't get fooled/bullied into getting something you don't want. They don't look at your eligibility etc. first but will tell you that some best matching offer (probably best commission paying offer for them). Insist on your needs and make sure they are checking your eligibility and get them to say that you are eligible for a particular card and they are taking your application "Only for that card". Insist on them saying this over phone.

2. They will sneak in two more "OFFERS" with the card

A. SMART PAY: This is not the netbanking bill pay.. but the credit card's divisions own ECS style payment. The worst part is there is no online interface to it. Your card is auto charged by biller. For any changes you have to write or call the Credit card center and action is not immediate.

I will recommend saying NO TO SMARTPAY REGISTRATION. The sneaky part is they won't tell you this clearly. They will ask for telephone bill/ electricity bill as address proof and will then hurriedly mention registering it. Do not let them

B. Wallet protection: THIS IS PAID FREAKING COSTLY SERVICE 440 per month ????
They never tell you the cost just say you are getting registered. SAY NO IF YOU DON'T WANT IT.

Also do read the agreement while doing signatures, all of the above services need your sigs and thats when i discovered above and declined to sign. BUT BE AWARE IF YOU JUST LET THE GUY TELL YOU "SIGN HERE HERE AND HERE" Then you will get charged 440 per month.

Hope this saves someone's frustration later.

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