Why linux will never rule desktop and why it won't stop ruling mine

Couple of days ago i had a big frustration with linux.

Both gnome (suppose to be awasome) and ubuntu unity (suppose to be "Desktop ready") had all gtk apps use file open dialog box which simply doesn't show big icon previews.

Adding images to inskape simply is impossible since you can't see the image thumbnails of the images in a directory. A stupid preview of only selected file doesn't help since that will need you to scroll through 1000+ files one by one. I can't imagine any desktop ready OS missing this rather stupid thing... and it seems the bugs on these are open for years.

So i conclude linux will never be good for desktop use.

BUT here is why i will never quit using linux on my desktop

Attached below is the replacement gtk lib that i hacked up to just increase the thumbnail size in the file chooser dialog.
I can't imagine being able to fix something myself on any other OS.

libgtk-3-common_3.6.4-0ubuntu8_all.deb2.6 MB
libgtk-3-0_3.6.4-0ubuntu8_amd64.deb1.78 MB
libgtk-3-bin_3.6.4-0ubuntu8_amd64.deb70.46 KB

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