Drupal comment deletion trouble!!! and Google cache to the rescue!!!

After searching a lllooootttt and waiting for a loooong time; few weeks back I finally bit the bullet and deleted a large number of spam comments from the drupal site. 

Its really frustrating that drupal doesn't offer easy way to delete comments


  • all comments from a partcular node
  • comments which meet particular criteria (e.g. name=blah or date < this day and > that day
  • all comments :D

(Please let me know such a module if it exists).

I had to resort to editing the backend database myself by hand (in SQL). The donwside was, while deleting about few hundred thousands of them i may have deleted a few genuine.


I actually noticed one comment missing from one of the blog node pages. Since it was particulalry critical of me i didn't want the author to think i deleted it on purpose. But there was no way i could remember exact comment to recreate it.The solution as always was the mighty google. I just searched few words i remembered from the original comment in google cache and bingo... a cache entry poped right up. (so the comment is now recreated and unfortunately redated).


Scary goolge keeps watch on me.... i wonder when this stops becoming a help and starts becoming a threat.

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