Testing Natty Narwhal

Natty Narwhal Beta 1 is out Hurra ...

First impressions

1. Ubuntu is getting more polish than ever, the installer now looks not just professional enough but actually spectacular. Great way have a lasting first impression.
2. It actually detected my 10.10 install and offered to upgrade it. No more playing around with partitioning.

Unity :
1. Works great for now.
2. The desktop integration with firefox and all other apps is amazingly clean. Ubuntu deserves all the praise for contributing the polish to linux kernel :p.
3. Web cam and bluetooth doesn't work (old macbook) yet... bitten by the beta bug!.

Libre office is FAST (or is it just the ubuntu/unity combo?).

Ubuntu one now works as expected, the new control panel is again a good polished look and feel to have great first impression.

Banshee media player rocks... (Finally a decent default player for both Audio and Video all in one package).

Shotwell grows on you real fast (and it is also _fast_).

Ofcourse being beta it does have few rough edges (kernel threw up some bug about intel gpu and few apps crashed here and there).

In the summary, Natty is a solid release for ubuntu i have never been pleased by my default desktop this much before. GO UBUNTU!!!!

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