Searching for a mobile phone

I lost my mobile phone a, beautiful w810i, i am now starting my search again to  buy a new one.

Following were the lessons learnt/must have things....

1. Sony ericsson sucks at calendaring functions, especially the alarm for appointments and reminders. A settable tune and volume for those alarms is a _must_ in new phone.

2. Email and imap push is really convinient and is a must have.

3. New email alert is essential.

4. Imap ssl is needed for gmail (wich is my primary email provider even at work).

5. After last one i am not going to go for >6000 INR phone :( (i lose things....).

6. Good music and video playback is must(i am ok with just 3gp playback since i can convert my collection easily with linux|). But sony ericsson is hyped up and offers nothing special in that area against i thought previously.

7. Edge is a must have gprs sucks.

8. Bluetooth while ok is not a must, hardly used it except for transfering files to other mobiles, never with comp since usb was much faster.

Unfotunately there is just too much choice in the market... and by the time i digest the current situation which takes about couple of months the market has gone leaps ahead. So i will probably still wait it out for another 3-4 months and stick with my nokia 1100 (best phone ever which i part with only for lack of email/EDGE function). Unless i stumble upon a good find. (w200 came very close but the EDGE and same crappy calendar from sony).


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