Samsung Galaxy 3 GT-I5801 ROOT !!! Hurra!

Finally got around to do some real hacking*** after a long time.

As i said previously since samsung does not use cryptographic sigs. rooting is releatively easy. However since Galaxy 3 as marketed  in india is a new phone (GT-i5801) there was no ready packages available.  So i modified the tool to install busybox and su on the Galaxy - S. Am attaching the resulting here  The immediate advantage is that now i can tether my edge connection over to Wifi. Also a speed improvement hack is now possible, more on that later when i get time to port it to galaxy 3.

For all those who want to do it the procedure is simple read on for details.


*** ALERT: Hacking is not cracking... i did not do anything illegal or malicious. The common task of breaking into unauthorised systems is called "cracking". Hacking is just using ones genious  to use verious things in ways not originally meant for them (or one definition of it).


WARNING: Rooting may void your warranty. Proceed on your own and only if you know what you are doing. It may dmange your phone, kill your dog or you might be gifted with a great expensive paperweight. I am not responsible for any problems occuring by usage of the attached zip. Its for educational and study purpose only :).


1) put the attached zip on root folder of your sdcard

2) restart the phone in recovery mode by using adb command

adb reboot recovery

(i haven't yet found a way to do this using hardware keys, for now you will have to install android sdk and use ad b)

3) Select apply

The phone will reboot and you will have a root applications available.


WARNING 2: i haven't updated the unrooting zip yet so do not use this package if you can't do that yourself.

update.zip1.22 MB




I tried rooting the phone...went to till the recovery mode and when i selected the file i got an error 


E: error in /sdcard/

(status 7)

instalation aborted



and i have to then start the phone normally. Please advice

i5801 root

Hello sir,

Did you lose the IMEI of Galaxy3 when you rooted it ?

Did you experience any problem after rooting ?

Please reply as i'm new to rooting and such stuffs...

I'm from India n have a

I'm from India n have a Galaxy 3 (GT-i5801)

In xda developers forum, it is seen that some people lost imei while rooting and also problems with wifi.

What is your experience ?

Is this the procedure to root

Is this the procedure to root i5801 ?
How to backup the phone ?
Any other precautions ?
Thanks in advance...

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