Devslashzero switch to drupal

I switched devslashzero site to drupal from joomla....

Few of the advantages

1. Easy configuration : even though at first sight joomla might look better in this area, i find drupal a lot easier to configure. May be just because it has less features... kind of like kde vs gnome thing. Lot less had to be configured to get out of the box experience in drupal. What tipped drupal over the edge was the "clean urls" were just a one checkbox config in the installation itself.

2. Lot more mature templates: I found the templates on drupal to be lot more pro and clean.

3. Availibility of modules(extensions) : This one might be false but finding a drupal module that did exactly what i needed was much simpler.

And in the end

Over all lean and mean approach won enough points for drupal.

Few quirks remain ...

The immediate todo's

1. Integrate blog in the site somehow.

2. Html editor defaults to funky settings making formmatting go all wrong.

3. Add content as always :D).


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