Anna makes the difference

Its been a while since i have felt the emotion of awe. Today i am filled with it.

I had always been advocate of how workable and alive indian democracy is, even if it seemd like the exact opposite for last decade or so. Today i simply am reassured that my faith has been in the right place. Despite being not fully convinced about the means and the ends of this movement i am pleased the democartic processes (not just that are laid down in constitution) still work in india.

And it was an impressive fleet and a step forward for indian democarcy

1. Finally indian politics saw a _peaceful_ protest, quite a contrast from for hire goons smashing tables and buildings and public property.

2. The appearance of middle class as well as lower class (rikshawala's dabbawalas? really?) as a citizen and inclusive society members rather than bystandaers was unprecendented

3. First time ever we have seen unanimous resolution from parliament on a issue non related to the MP salaries.


Hope the movement keeps its pace and pressure and makes difference on the ground.


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