DIY playpen for Soha

Had a productive weekend building a huge play pen for soha. Lets see how long it keeps her restricted :)

Goshtichi weLL


Testing Natty Narwhal

Natty Narwhal Beta 1 is out Hurra ...

First impressions

1. Ubuntu is getting more polish than ever, the installer now looks not just professional enough but actually spectacular. Great way have a lasting first impression.
2. It actually detected my 10.10 install and offered to upgrade it. No more playing around with partitioning.

Unity :
1. Works great for now.
2. The desktop integration with firefox and all other apps is amazingly clean. Ubuntu deserves all the praise for contributing the polish to linux kernel :p.
3. Web cam and bluetooth doesn't work (old macbook) yet... bitten by the beta bug!.

Libre office is FAST (or is it just the ubuntu/unity combo?).

Ubuntu one now works as expected, the new control panel is again a good polished look and feel to have great first impression.

Banshee media player rocks... (Finally a decent default player for both Audio and Video all in one package).

Shotwell grows on you real fast (and it is also _fast_).

Ofcourse being beta it does have few rough edges (kernel threw up some bug about intel gpu and few apps crashed here and there).

In the summary, Natty is a solid release for ubuntu i have never been pleased by my default desktop this much before. GO UBUNTU!!!!

test for posterious


Yes I want to live here

IIT's Hoemopathy first now Bombay high court's astrology

Can we call india a modern eonomic power?


TOI: Astrology-is-a-science-Bombay-HC

 MUMBAI: Astrology has been debunked by most world scientists including India's renowned physicist Prof. Yash Pal. However, it is "science" in India. The Bombay High Court reaffirmed this on Thursday when it dismissed a PIL that had challenged astrology as science


Soha's first experiment with consonants resulted in the Best birthday gift for me...


Listen to it yourselves (Facebook users click title to get to my blog)


Well i don't want to be left out :D

 The new slogan for Star Trek : "To boldly go where Rajnikant has gone before"

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