I like mysteries

This truecrypt fiasco is really interesting. This article almost puts everything that I had in mind about this. I hope it all ends well rather than the trucrypt website update being true at face value. Read on full post to see the truecrypt webiste declaring surrender.

Emacs machines

More than a decade ago I remember joking with someone at PLUG/Aftek (my first for pay job) about making an EMACS machine which would run LISP as its assembly language and be just a stack processor at the heart. Of course i was and am a big EMACS fan.

But I had no freaking idea that these already existed and were really a pioneering technology in its age.

Whoohooo!!! now i have a reason to visit Intel computer musieum next time i visit California. (provided they have one).

Year of *ahem* linux desktop *ahem*

Well its more like year of desktops using 'linux the kernel'

But cool anyway... i don't need to brag about the Android dominance in the phablet space. This new one kinda surprised me though..
21% of all laptop sales were .... wait for it... chromebooks... and 10% of all business computer sales. Wow.

Linux the kernel prevails, kde/gnome/unity you are a failure.

Acquisitions are fun

Its fun to have your team get acquired by an industry giant. Apart from obvious financial benifits i keep fantasizing about all the new stuff the team is going to create.

Too many things to do, but first need to finish what we started almost two years ago.

gadget bug bites again

Just baught lenovo yoga 11s. A cool machine i almost fell in love with. And guess what? I am runing gnome on it :)... finaly some of the gnome design decisions make sense to me. It works the best so far for a touch screen. (unity works decent as well except for a bug that stops touchscreen clicks randomly).
on a side note bt and gyros dont work. bt to be supported in linux 3.10.

it did take me quite a few tweaks to make the linux experiece on par with win8. But its achievable which sucks since we use to be better than others few years back.

Star Trek : Renegade

First Ballmer announces he is retiring. Then i discover Star Trek - Renegade is in works.

YooouuuuuHoooooo!!! Balance in the universe seems to be restored.

Ballmer to quit.. should Elop follow?

I never liked microsoft (ok i admit in 9th grade i was quite a fan). But even then i didn't expect them to stoop down to the level they are at today.
Finally some hope for them.

Ditto for Nokia except for the hope part. Nokia board are you listening?

KDE 4.11 _and_ elementry luna released

Oh! what should a poor soul with DROCD do?

Well there is a hope for linux after all

I (again) switched back to kde 4.10.

The except for my usual complaint of not having even a remotely sleek theme and annoying defaults (like transperancy , window highlights, border glow (seriously?)) after some tweaks its just impressive.

Most bugs are fixed, the functionality is just simple and not confusing like gnome/unity nonsense, everything just works and is responsive and features are just way more stable and sane than others. Old kde charm is coming back now and i like it.

PS:I now use kde big blue theme which fixes the plasma transparency thing, and use qtcurve with white windows backgroud colours.

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