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Kopete skype wrapper

 Skype is great, even if its closed source. It just works even behind proxies and firewalls :o


But whats more awesome is kopete skype wrapper, Its works perfectly fine even for video calls. Me likes it 

It even takes care of starting and stopping skype client. I would have liked an open skype protocol instead but since thats not gonna happen this thing atleast makes life a little easier.

touchfreeze: disable touchpad while typing

sudo apt-get install touchfreeze

Disable annoying rehashing of your typed text... And world will make sense again.

Any reason why this isn't a default on laptops with touchpads?

Year of linux desktop? we are getting there.

Q: When will you know its finally a time to start looking ahead for the year of linux desktop?


A: When you find a proper linux nay KDE4 based computer being sold at local super market.


Yesterday i went for weekly grocery shopping in the local super market "Big Bazzar". At the entrance i was quickly annoyed by a salesman offering some pamphlet about a computer, whom i quickly gave a very frustrated look and walked passed him completely ignoring his product. But while doing this i had forgotten to pick up my shopping cart, and hence i turned around again. Suddenly something in the corner of the eye caught my attention. "Hey something usually only seen in my bedroom has appeared in the Big Bazzar"  i remember thinking.


And yes there it was, a shiny black KDE4.1 start menu on one of the monitors. The sales man was actually trying to sell a product by which is making education oriented PC's for kids, built on top of KDE desktop. How great was that? a pune local supermarket selling KDE!!! and not just for the sake of getting replaced by Windoze later. It was fully loaded, with a cool-dock at the top and kicker, oops a plasma panel at the bottom. everything from kde-edu to kstars to wikipedia preloaded.



It's official

My web 2.0 experiments have failed miserably.

Now i can finaly relax and let alone all hope to resurrect it.

Sio-nara teamgit

All things must end.... And so does teamgit develeopement.


Main reasons for the record,

1. Lack of time

2. Availibity of alternatives

and last but most importantly,

3. it does what i need it to do and without further external interest/contributions the extra overhead of actively maintatining it does not make sense.

4. ???

5. profit :D


Unfortunately as of now my future in software industry as a professional looks bleak and i don't see any need for teamgit in not so distant future.

The git-hub project will live obviously and current section will be kept alive till further maintainance is required. (Although link from main is removed).


I will continue using teamgit as i haven't yet found equally convineint commit tool for git.If at all required (and feasible) i will keep making it work on latest ubuntu systems,( but no promises).


Thanks to all who showed interest and especially to "markus" who sent in a lot of patches to make rebase actually work.... i use it all the time these days.


To sum it up all... teamgit was one of the most usefull things i did in life (if nothing atleast it was useful to me).


Roti, Makan, Kapda..... Aur bandwidth

I remember about ten years ago when in my late teens and early twenties i was addicted (still am) to internet. Could not be at ease when our connectivity would go down. Dialup connectivity that too shell account based.

My father used to say the govt. should ensure roti, kapda, makan aur bandwidth.......


And now his words have come to reality...... atleast in finland, the land of the gods (torvalds).


Finland just declared 1MBps bandwidth as a constitutional right to its citizens.


I just can't help but keep comming back to the same advise



Me wants one, or i panic

Can't believe how SciFi becomes reality, I believe it use to take generations, now it all happens in a single life time....



Web 2.0

I finally  bit the bullet and downloaded (well still downloading) eclipse and gwt plugin.

My JAVA adventure is about to start. Hurra!!!

Time to go back to stone age and re-learn how Operating Sys... oops browsers work.


UPDATE 26th Sept: I was very sad when i typed the above text, which i don't think gets reflected in above statements.

UPDATE2: While the customery hello world app is over, i still can't kick my butt to get me to do something real with it. Oh i hope laziness is a _real_ virtue.

UPDATE3 26th Sept eve.: DONT PANIC

Google scares me again

 Here is how


Look at what googl threw at me (bottom right corner) for the about section on my site :P


Be happy??? WTF?


(Click on the title to see the attachements)


User Interfaces

I was trying to reset the look on thunderbird this morning, browsing numerous themes and spent (wasted??) quite some of my employers paid time (money??) on this.
But finally i understood why i was still unsatisfied. Cause the only email client UI i like these days is that of gmail. Damn it mozilla/evolution/kmail you ppl are so quick in duplicating the outlook why can't you duplicate gmail interface???
Why hasn't anyone else in the world duplicated the gmail interface yet in a desktop app????
Is waiting for chrome os my only available choice, to get a decent email client on my desktop?

Too bad i can't use gmail as my official mail at calsoft. (Time to  pester my the IT dep).

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