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First few days with android

I am actually loving this phone.and my first android app will get ready soon. Android sdk is a delight to work with and my java(!) concepts are getting polished quite rapidly.


New toy !!!!

My watch phone stopped working after two years of faithful service. I've finally bought samsung galaxy 3 android phone.

The phone is fantastic for such a cheap price. And I am loving the swipe keyboard.
Also the phone seems to be the most friendly open source device. Full kernel is available from samsung and it doesn't use cryptographic signatures for firmwares. Rooting is simple.
Android sdk is working well too.
Will this finally make me learn java? (well! What's left of it ... according to oracal android isn't java ;) )

Test 2

Testing again


Testing from galaxy 3


Introdcution to linux and foss

Slides for the talk I give to students


Direct link :

Microsoft Rocks!!! well as long as it doesn't develop software

I never thought i will be saying this, but after decades in waiting we finally have the innovative product Steve Balmer keeps talking about. And I have to admit its so simple and yet so amazingly "how did i miss that" innovation, it qualifies to be a downright genius.


Microsoft Instaload for AA and AAA batteries that lets you load batteries in any way you want

Why didn't _I_ think of that?

Atlast MS will have atleast _one_ actually valid patent.


Here are the links for original article

For slashdot article click here 

For orig story at click here


Biliski patent is out!!! opens the door for battle against software patents

Here is the Slashdot story :


The courts always seem to have an upper hand in doing the RightThings(TM). The decision doesn't really impact India per say. But it does impact the economy that matters to IT Inidians anyway. This can very well be the beginning of the end of the ridiculous software patents. It was about time for some official entity to ridicule these.


Here is a detailed analysis from "End Soft Patents" :


The USPTO has circulated this MEMO afterwards :

"Examiners should continue to examine patent applications for compliance with section 101 using the existing guidance concerning the machine-or-transformation test as a tool for determining whether the claimed invention is a process under section 101. If a claimed method meets the machine-or-transformation test, the method is likely patent eligible under section 101 unless there is a clear indication that the method is directed to an abstract idea. If a claimed method does not meet the machine-or-transformation test, the examiner should reject the claim under section 101 unless there is a clear indication that the method is not directed to an abstract idea. If a claim is rejected under section 101 on the basis that it is drawn to an abstract idea, the applicant then has the opportunity to explain why the claimed method is not drawn to an abstract idea."

आठवणी !!!

 Badly missing couple of books i lost to termites a few years back


१. तोत्तोचान

२. देनिसच्या गोष्टी


Does anyone have a copy of these( in marathi ) ?

Totochan is avialable in english still, while a website hosts english version of "Adventures of Denis" but i lost the link (how could i :( )


UPDATE: Recovered the link. I should archive the pages somewhere in case the site disappears.

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