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Ha ha ha!!! seen on slashdot

This was the comment posted in reference to this article


I'm confused, "CIA's counter-intelligence centre",

I can't decide if this is redundant or an oxymoron.


Mylin - finally some version control/task management that makes sense

I just came across an eclipse based project name Mylin.

Its basically a project/task managment system tightly integrated with the version control and your IDE.

So you enter a task named "Add an undetected backdoor to kernel" and it will automatically create a proper branch for it in the backend VCS(git supported) and will manage its lifecycle.


Its basically what i had hoped teamgit will be one day but never came around to finish it (or even start in the direction).


Good to see there is now an alternative (serisouly? java based?).

Witchcraft, homeopathy and IITs

While I have always (well kinda naively) mocked the "Talent" (just more skilled labor?) coming out of our IIT's. This news literally rids me of any guilty conscious i have about thrashing our national education institutes.
IIT-B team shows how homeopathy works
I don't want to get into details of how homeopathy is simply ridiculous witchcraft. And in india that might not be such a bad thing since almost everyone is engaged in some kind or the other, IIT chi najar utaro someone. But I simply can't grasp the fact that these "Professors" didn't just prove homeopathy right BUT disproved the entire foundation of modern chemistry*(See below).
WTF? quote from article.
''Certain highly diluted homeopathic remedies made from metals still contain measurable amounts of the starting material, even at extreme dilutions of 1 part in 10 raised to 400 parts (200C),'' said Dr Jayesh Bellare from the scientific team"
*Avogrado's number

Ubuntu android... Seamless tethering

With maverick update I can now tether gprs over bluetooth out of the box...just need to add my phone in bt menu.

FYI The phone is samsung galaxy 3 (indian edition)

Pathiwarti ghar ...

rupee-wee: Ubuntu the first OS to support rupee synmbol by default

Only 5 days for official release... and most of us are already on it.

Not too soon... Android app inventer

Just a half month after I bought android phone I get an invite to google's app inventer.


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