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Facebook from google plus

Update Your Facebook Status via Google+, Extension-Free [In Brief] -

Facebook bans kde plugin

Facebook Blocks KDE Photo App, Deletes Users' Pics -

Rain rain go away . . .

Montreal chi mumbai zhaliye ha ha ha!
F1 track war pani . . . Race thambli

Towel day is back again, Frood

Happy Towel Day! -

jslinux, you have to try it 

When i posted the last entry i didn't realize how wierdly big this is. Linux in a browser?? CRAP!! And it works flawless (only in FF4 or chrome though) just navigate to above link and you will have a real linux kernel instance running inside your browser.This one sure was one of those wow moments.

Boot linux in a brower?

Boot Linux In Your Browser -

There are plenty crazy people around but i will give this guy the crown.

Read my mind

Why the New Guy Can't Code -

I wouldnt hire a guy who hasnt done anything in linux atleast.

Gods must be crazy.when murphy's laws fail


Soha kicked her nappy changing kit...but against all odds both powder containers fell _right_ side up with very little stuff falling out.

Even murphy gets trumped sometimes.

India wc champs...Who would have thought...

And that too after drastic fall of sehwag and tendulkar....

Kudos to gambhir and dhoni....

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