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No git trees.... Frustrating !!!

I was watching Greg K-H's webcast on linux kernel development statistics a couple of days ago. He mentioned that canonical was at around rank 300 when it came to contributing to linux kernel. They submitted like four patches in last kernel release.

So today i tried finding out how much of the distribution kernels actually end up getting submitted upstream.... or at least i tried to in case of fedora and suse.

With ubunut's hardy and interpid trees it was rather easy just add and fetch their remote branches to my local updated linux git tree and then do a git log on differences.

But to my surprise and big frustration i had no luck finding out git trees for both fedora _and_ suse. They either have no git based tree for their development or make it really hard to get to one.
What was even more shocking was that they actually do maintain a CVS repo of the added patch set. I have no words to express my anger.... its insane.

For being labeled a very bad contributor to linux i think canonical is doing wonderful job. I guess this kind of "getting the basic fundamentals right" and simple "making sense" things that make the overall ubuntu a great distro (that i find hard to part with). Kudos canonical, even if you don't contribute back to kernel directly you are contributing a lot to the community if only by virtue of example.

Firefox : Removing the session restoring on startup

Just go to "about:config" from your address bar

and set browser.sessionstore.restore_after_crash to false by double clicking the value column there.

Next time you close and reopen firefox it won't ask you to restore the previous session.
The dialog is quite annoying for me sometimes.

KDE4 follow up

I am going to make it short, and well, not so sweet.....

KDE4 is good but is still KDE and gnome is far ahead. I will prob stick with gnome even if KDE4 becomes stable.

KDE4.1 kubuntu packages ready Hurrraaa!!!

Finally they are out,
and now for the firs time KDE Pim is ported to kde4 ...... YEY!!!!!

Downloading the apt debs now, watch here for a first impression and short review soon.


While exploring the site's new search feature my wife noticed that there is no mention of her anywhere :D.....
So this post all dedicated to her.... love you honey!!!!!

Gods must be crazy...

Gods must be crazy was one of the first movies i rented when we bought our first VCR some 15 years back.

I came across some mention of the film, which got me thinking.
Its a perfect depiction of Arther C Clark's theory "Any sufficiently advanced technology will be indistinguishable from magic".

Dilbert woes, No more

Everyone probably knows how dilbert site switched to heavy flash and related frustrations etc....

But today i found a small hidden link at the bottom of the dilbert site.
For some strange reason its named 'unix/linux'.
But take a look at the link

Thats right ! a flashless version of your daily comic.... HURRRAAAAA!!!!

I still can't get it. Why is it named Unix/Linux? Its not like these don't have flash or something.... May be because only these platforms are worthy enough to be fast :D.


Hardy-thunderbird woes part 2

The stalk thunderbird worked fine, everything is in order and behaving quite nicely.
The only problem was to get it to run...

Hardy comes with libstdc++6 and thunderbird wanted libstdc++5.... not a big deal but just an 'apt-get install libstdc++5'. However i do wonder why mozilla is still distributing binaries based on older libstdc++5? or is it buggy???? or is hardy using a development library? or is this just the way things are in linux ... a chaos !!!


Thunderbird woes...

I love thunderbird.... its fast, lean and mean. I got extensions to do almost everything i need. Be it consolidating my bank statements or squashing the spam or managing imap folder. Hell it even comes with "gmail" as a new account option. IMAP is comfirtable only under thunderbird for some reason. And with lightening it completely replaces evolution.

But for some reason thunderbird+lightening on my latest hardy are quite broken the email part works as usual but the calendar screws up pretty bad.

Well now i am trying to download thunderbird+lightening+gdataprovider straight from mozilla, rather than from hardy repos ...
lets see if these work.


Dumb Apt-cacher usage

I am so dumb :D

When we setup apt-cacher in office, I switched my laptop sources.list to point to the cacher.
It worked perfectly fine. Until one day I tried to install something from home. Ofcourse it couldn't find the cacher server in my office.

But then what I did and kept doing for last one and half _years_ is that I created separate sources.list.home for home use... and kept manually switching between them by hand copying. And ofcourse every time I made the switch I had to do a lengthy fresh apt-get update (dumb dumb dumb.......)

Little did I know that all I had to do is append real repos at the bottom of the sources.list and apt will automatically fall back to it when the cacher one is not available.........

Sometimes i am just too afraid of the technology to trust that it will do the RightThing,(TM), probably remains from the windows era.....

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