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I just realised

Teamgit is one really stable codebase, that i have written after a reaaaaaaallly long time...
And whats more is that i am its first user!!!! (i have started using it even at work)
Now thats quality :p

How many programmers actually use their own code?
Well many actually.... but still many many many folds more don't.

KDE 4.1

Well i completely switched to kde as a trial basis,

Using kmail again and loving the new widgets stuff on desktop.
Koffice still has long way to got but looks and feels good.

Kde being kde is just lot more convinient than gnome,We will see how it turns out.

Now Via doing the RIghtThing(TM)

Herald Welte just blogged that he is being contracted by via to work with them to be their open source liason.

This is great news we can now expect greater and open source support for via platform in all the free world.

After Intel, AMD now Via.

This comes one day after the news that Microsoft, yes you read right, Microsoft joined apache foundation with 100K USD support per year, and even submitted LGPL'ed patches to them.

In other news Artheros has released all free drivers for 802.11n.

Thats too much positive news for just two days.


RIP Randy Pausch

Yesterday was the sad demise of a fantastic personality i have ever known.

Dr. Randy Pausch died on 25 th Jul 2008.
But a year before after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, he has changed lives of thousands (millions?) by giving a lecture which is now known as "Last Lecture"

Please watch or read it if you haven't done so before.


edit: corrected the date, BAIN.


An excellent blog .... i love it. We should have more. After all "your critics are the ones who tell you they care"*

Just one question, how many are listening?

*Randy Pausch - Last Lecture.

GPL is closed source :D !!!

While reading this artical,

I found the author noticing this

"A GPL advocate sees a derived work as "his code" combined with some
"other code" in a package, and his concern is that the package always
be openable. "His code" always remains his code, and he sees any use or
distribution of the whole package as a kind of use or distribution of
his code. As a result, he feels justified in placing restrictions on
how a user may use or distribute the derived work, even though he
"owns" only a small part of the whole package. This is following the
philosophy of copyright and intellectual property, which, curiously, is
a favorite target of derision of these same people. A copyrighted work
can never be wholly owned by the user, it is only rented, and so
subject to control by the original creator."

Some thing i myself always advocate.
I own the code i wrote, period. No one else has any right to it but the rights i explicitly rented them out in return of some promises (to not use the code in other than gpl project).

So in that sense i always felt the whole philosophical way of advocating the openness of gpled project is needless.

We should be calling ourselves closed proprietary people. The only difference being we as modern business people see the value in other people's code lot more than the money we can make by keeping it from others.

We are no communists :D we are hard core selfish capitalists who don't care about anything but profit. And the way we make it is, by licensing our own creations with the very infrastructure capitalism created (copyright) to achieve access to the great resource pool.
Hell we are closed source people. and that good..... !!!!!

There is no free lunch after all.

git-rebase the power of git

More i explore git and use it in my day to day life i find myself impressed.

One of the most powerfull features and i guess the tipping the balance kind of feature of git is git-rebase.
Especially with its interactive mode, one can achieve flexibility which was unheard of in other scms.

So ia m ammending the roadmap of teamgit to include a simpler way for common people to explore the power of git-rebase.


Yast package management SUCKs! big time.....

For past few days i am trying out opensuse 11.0. It has some nice qualities like shorter and cleaner boot process, yast control center is good and it has everything prelinked and preloaded so openoffice is also somewhat faster and responsive.

BUT and thats a capital big BUT, its default package manger YaST software installer just sucks.

  • It has annoying habbit of refreshing its repos every single time its invoked.
  • It takes ever to start the UI.
  • The ui operates in a weird "open new window for every other operation" way (this is common to all yast modules).
  • The downloader status does not scale to the size of download so for big downloads you keep wondering until the download finally proceeds to 5%.
  • The downloader window just does not make any sense, i have no idea what are all the lists of repos and the numbers in front of them, mean and whats more problematic is that i don't care.
  • The install works like this, download one pacakge - install -download next -install wasting time between downloads.
  • The big downloads almost inevetably time out, and then it waits for user to say retry, unattended big upgrades are impossible on my 256kbps dsl
  • On error or next install the downloader has no cached stuff.... it will redownload from scratch next time, even if its a retry for the package in same install session so its a 1 in 50 chance that a 50mb kdelibs is downloaded intact.
  • It does not store the rpms locally i can't migrate all my upgrades to a next local machine but have to redownload it there.
  • Nothing that can replace apt-cacher
  • The repos themselves don't have sane dependancies. All dependencies are merely to satisfy execution of the programm. But the functionality of programm is not considered while specifying deps. e.g. kscope is useless without cscope being installed, but just becuase it uses cscope binary and not a library there is no dependancy  on it. Debian has this done the RightWay(TM).

I can go on and on and on

Finally fed up i installed apt4rpm but couldn't figure out configuration in a sane time frame. So i tried yum next. Although its slower experience than apt its still leaps better. It doesn't solve few inherent problems of rpm based repos. But still makes suse tollerable.

Novell swallow the pride and just switch to apt "for linus' sake"**.



**(its a pun on "for gods sake" :D)


Productive sunday.... courtesy

After long series of hanging around, watching movies, visiting in laws, hacking some useless code and many many just plain do nothing weekends; we had quite a productive sunday.

We went packing school bags. For last month or so, a local charity/volunteer group SevaSahayog has been collecting donations from various individuals/organizations in and around pune to assemble school kits (a school bag plus notebooks and writing instruments), to be distributed to various kids in slum areas who are going to schools but can't afford the proper means.

The last leg of the operation was buying the raw material and assemlbing the kits. About fifty or so people who found nothing worse to do on a sunday gathered at a hall in kothrud to do the job.

Here are some photos.

Hardy Kubuntu KDE4.1 followup... fixing icons!

Ok my initial reaction was little harsh; KDE is not that bad, and well.... its KDE, its kool !!! So i try it once in a while when i am feeling down :D.

The one thing thats quite prominent about the kde4.1 packages in hardy is that the primary icons on the applications menu are broken for some reason. Well the likely reason is that those are missing from oxygen icon set.

So just changing the icons from appearance settings to something old fashioned (:D) will fix it. I use the normal tangerine icons for kde4.1 now.

Hope this helps few who want to take nice screen shot of the menu to show off in their blogs.

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