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Ubuntu and contrib to linux

GregKH in his keynote at LPC was just too hard on canonical.

I like ubuntu, and may be they don't contribute to upstream core plumbing.
But as linus himself said some time in past. Most of the interesting things will
now happen in desktop and not kernel.
And canonical is certainly doing it.

Plus the active contribution by making linux available to lot more individual
users, results in lot more contribution to kernel itself.

Three cheers for canonical

teamGit release delayed

First few tests out in wild (with few friends and family) showed that i am such a pathetic ui designer.
I have delayed the release till i fix few of the obvious usability issues.
Making open button first one rather than new, since thats the one you
should be using most often. Infact i will be moving "new" to tools
rather than file.

LHC operational tom.

Mankind now has an ability to accidentally end earth and possibly the solar system. (Although admittedly chance is small, a lot smaller than many other disaster scenarios. Though its the first man made one i think.)

A though can we make plans for using it in case of large asteroid coming our way? or may be MBH's are just too small and unpredictable.

Singularity in technology timeline

I guess now that laptop prices are actually smaller than the mobile phone prices at about equivalent functional value, we can term this period as a singularity in techTime(TM).

iPhone is big failure

With 31000 minimum price tag i can't fathom who will buy it since we get unlocked version for 21000


TeamGit anouncement soon...

I have decided to go ahead and announce teamgit to git mailing list withotu the rebase and merge support,

I will have to polish it a bit first and then announce it later this week.

(In)secure by default

I was wondering (yet again!!!) just like the spam problem rant i had few months back, why isn't all communication is encrypted yet?

I mean we had the technology, now we have the processing power and even implementations. Its really not difficult (technically) to set up a secure channel these days.
All you have to do is create a certificate for yourself and the other party and use it. Boom so easy.

I can't fathom the fact that our email clients still don't have button saying "establish a secure channel with this contact". how hard is this? why can't address books integrated with keyring managers? why are address books and vcards still existing anyway? aren't they just keyring managers?
Damn........ i am angry

Rebuttal: The Nuclear Chessboard

This is a rebuttal of The Nuclear Chessboard


This is an attempt to analyze and in the end dismiss the article posted by Mr. Mukund Joglekar on the site Note the article is only posted by him and not authored by him. Although i feel he approves it quite whole heartedly.

But the main point to note here is that I am not arguing for or against a nuclear deal. The gist of this rebuttal is not about the congress, or the situation in parliament. It is about the argument used in the original article, which I feel contains assumptions that are quite harmful to us as a nation, as a society and as an individual.

So it begins:

Change of hearts.... i stopped calling it my religious conversion.

Several things happened,

  1. I had great success in finally convincing myself that i can code (barring few moments).
  2. I had to spend time understanding gtk and profiling/fixing few stuff in it.
  3. Gnome crashed on my laptop due to interfering xfce switch.
  4. I breifly used OSX on gnome crashing.
  5. KDE4.1 released.
  6. Profit....

Here are the consequences of the events

  1. That was a lie, i can't code i can only use qt4 very effectively now. I finally declared qt as supreme being of all.
  2. I realized i definitely _can_ code at least better than GIMP team. Well that's a lie too... but i certainly wish the gtk team could. Gtk is so horrible that i can't even imagine how was it used to create things for this long at all. OO in C is not really that hard man, linux does it, cocoa (objective c) does it, hell its even ok to add new language if you can't find a proper way. But gtk is just a bad way to do it. This deserves a separate rant. I think Ximian (which i now label as culprits) chose gtk/gnome just because of the evil lgpl license.
  3. No prob there its just an event happening, no big deal, except i was afraid of redoing all the --purge and --reinstall.
  4. It sucked so bad, that it reminded me about why i left it in the first place.
  5. Hurra!!! best thing ever happened since i discovered that slackware actually boots some 10-15 years back.
  6. Another lie, but i think this one you know about already...

The end result is i am big fan of kde again :))))

Can't be happier that miserable two years of no kde update are gone and they are back.
I just told somebody if they do not to try it today they will have to some day, that eventually everybody will switch to kde,
Boldly claiming that even windows won't be spared.

QT4 rules.

Its simliar to some religious believes, we are born kde users, our environment spoils us to other paths.


BAIN strikes back

This is what i found amongst teamgit code : int ret;
         ret =::read(pty.masterFd(),data,1023);
         if(ret != 0)
         goto again;

Can you spot the silly BAIN DOING with goto?

The commit log 3f892c3e... now reads

"Removed ediotic goto DUH!!"

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