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Suddenly Compiz is not Working Anymore...

This happened to me as well....
from the blog post

"So weird. I usually rearrange my desktop every two weeks, often when
I am bored. Sometimes I want a quick lean, smallish desktop and other
times I want the whole shebang, all possible animations, SVG icons,
mouse gestures — you name it and I will already have tons of it!

Today I wanted to enable Compiz again and it just wouldn't start.
After a couple of tries that turned out to be dead ends I finally got

/usr/bin/compiz.real (core) - Error: Could not acquire compositing manager selection on screen 0 display ":0.0" <br />

Some more digging around Google gave me the answer: Metacity
and Compiz fight to be "compositing manager"
... soon as I disabled
/apps/metacity/general/compositing_manager I could enable Compiz again!"

Added photos section to

I was for long looking for elegant way to embed picasa/flickr photos inside the website,
all solutions required some quirky flash slideshow or didn't blend as well inside website.

But then i found this [ ]

It quite what i wanted,
Just copy this file  to your website and add these two lines on page you want to embed the photos.

<script type="text/javascript">username = 'username'; photosize='800'; columns='4';</script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="pwa.js"></script>
(make sure src='pwa.js' is a path to pwa.js e.g. if its in directory scripts/ then use 'scripts/pwa.js')

Also you an directly reference the individual albums,
just see what link the page creates for albums and copy it,
e.g. my nopeople album has link like this
and you can use this link directly like any other.

Grandeur in place.... Android goes opens source

I didn' expect it this soon... but google has acted on its promise,
Every single piece of code is open sourced.

Wow.... _this_ was expected but still make me miss a heartbeat.

I am voting for BJP this year

I used to vote for a party before based on non important stuff like economic policies and their political inclination etc.But now BJP is doing stuff, that matters....

Never mind sensex, Chandrayan-1 is all set to reach new heights.

India's moon mission Chandrayan-1 is all set and it carrier PSLV will begin fueling shortly. And if all goes well it will launch on 22nd Oct 2008.

Now all that will be required is to translate these achievements into practical good a common man can use.
Kudo's to isro.

Update: corrected the date from 14th oct. to 22nd oct.

Trying out Mandriva, why do all rpm implementaions SUCK??

After yast/opensuse it was turn of urpm/mandriva

And guess what it sucks too....
It sucked so bad, and given my experience with suse i just gave up in about an hours time.
All the problems are almost identical to opensuse rant only much severe.

I coulnd't even install google gadgets package, i tried six times with multiple tries to update repo lists before that.
Every time it would just crib giving some nonsense failed message and ask me weather i want to continue with whatever is downloaded..... WTF???

Why is the ease and robustness of apt so hard to get?

Pidgin doin things Right(TM) well atleast encryptionwise

I just found out that pidgin now does for instant messaging what i ranted for email messages in few posts back.
An easy to use encrypted channel assistance to user without needing to use too much jargon and technology from user point of view.
It simply says few things like "unverified", "authenticated" etc and offers in plain english to establish a secure channel with the contact you are interacting with.


teamgit task manager

I am going to start designing a task manager for teamGit, while i keep adding features to git side of the application.
Hopefully i will be able to zero down on a good interface.

The immediate aim will be to start maintaining teamGit related tasks from teamgit itself.

v2 wrist watch phone

My about section is partially factual now, i really am getting interested in digital watches.
i just baught V2 wrist watch mobile phone.... :p
Detailed review will follow in few days. 

The video doesn't play on youtube, will check and reupload when i get chance.Update 5th oct: Video is up but is a bit low quality
Update 5th oct: Better quality uploaded


KDE and linux contrib

On the same note as previous post

How much does KDE team (or trolltech for that matter)contribute to all this plumbing?

Doesn't KDE team fit in linux ecosystem?

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