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Vista blues :)))

Being on a new job i had a brief encounter with vista, (on a funny side note i pissed our it by not reading the mails they sent me... turns out i didn't know where to look for an email inside vista ).

Then with few really stable and productive days with default ubuntu (themed ofcourse) setup, i installed kubuntu-kde4-desktop _and_ KDE 4.2 RC1 Hurra....

But i now have a new line to pass around....

"who need's vista when kde 4.2 can give you enough trouble ;-)."

Eating your own dog food...

Just read "As Christmas Bonus, Google Hands Out "Dogfood" " and came to know about the phrase "Eating one's own dog food".

And as it turns out me is eating my own dog food as well....
There was a couple of week gap in teamgit development due to a fact that i am helping out a friend doing some Qt coding for his company. Thats too much Qt already in daytime.

But with that i am kinda distanced from the teamgit code itself (i forget fast).
On top of that, last week when i decided to upgrade to latest 2.6.28 and got interested in btrfs. Guess what i had no trouble following latest linux topic trees for both these, all from inside teamGit.

And i am quite impressed with myself. That's rare !!!

There are few operations i still have to go back to commandline (the advanced guification thing works well for most as well but not perfect yet), particularly "git merge" and any conflicts. So thats on my next top priority now.

China in recession !!!

The chinese have declared reduction in their exports for the first time in last seven years. Now come the testing times. But whats more worrying is that the chinese government warns of a social unrest if the trend continues.

Will communism be better off when dealing with a downturn or a democracy like india? time to find out.

Themes, why are they so hard to get?

I just switched on my old macbook again, and installed intrepid on it.

The first thing that struck me was, ubuntu theme is now sooooo old... it was good to see a new color when it came out but now its just sooooooo boring. Lets admit it folks, brown is dull.

For a mission statement of making linux desktop stunning, its not really what i will call a mission accomplished.

Themes are hard to get.

Google opens up T-mobile G1

I read on slashdot the google is opening up their android phone. No strings attached, no bootloader signature checking, no hardware hacking required, flash your own firmware phone.

This is really great!!

Damn i hate java though... can't get myself to learn it. May be i will byte the bullet some day and will do just that, but it ain't going to be near future.

Update:You do have to register as an android developer though, that means $25 one time fee. So the device will cost you $25 more if you are going to register just for the sake of the device.

Terror attacks over ... Finally!!!

after 60 hours, 160 dead???? WTF

Mumbai terror strikes

I don't think i would like to comment much on whats happening.

My only prime concern is that governments don't use this as excuse to impose more laws like the POTA or still active MOCCA. (Damn it, the confessions under police custody are admissible if arrested under MOCCA). workout fails to make me thinner

But it was quite successful in making teamgit a bit fatter !!!

We already have a patch adding git rebase to the backend, thanks Rejesh Kosla.
We also added patches to establish a baseline framework for the UI upstream. And had quite a good hour long hack session on finding different alternatives for the proposed UI.

Some of the interfaces discussed had really revolutionary ideas from your truly , like reimplementing the listbox paint function (;-) ) to implement the commit list and its manipulations. Fortunately there were saner ideas tossed out, like using a QTreeView with zero indentation or using stylesheets  in QListBox

We finally settled on taking the ui forward  with a plain QListView with Rajagopal confidant about using stylesheets with LG liking the idea of grouping the squashed commits with a color background. All in all a very productive day for teamgit. With couple of new developers appearing on the mailing list.


T minus 4 Days: is here

teamGit in fedora

Fedora seems to have picked up on teamgit announce,
that means a rpm for teamgit is ready.
Hopefully they can also upgrade that fast when i announce 0.0.5 shortly.


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