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"Do no evil" screws me up again

How many times have you been distracted by the cool funky logos google search page keeps throwing on special days?.... (today apparently was the Morse's brithday and had a nice google logo in morse code).

Damn you google, you made me waste almost an hour on a topic i had no prior knowledge of.


While using teamGit for developing (what else?) teamGit, i came across a white space cleanup patch.

 It was fairly large patch and teamGit took a noticable sub-second interval to render it in its diff window. That suddenly reminded me of KGit :D. How it use to take ages to load any patch larger than about 100 lines. Taking its time to render the output of git token by token, line by line. Doing a signal for every match found and every event in state machine. Ahh!!! having a big wide smile on my face feels real good.

This lead me to a new theory, having an opportunity to laugh at one self without any significant consequence is a real essential factor contributing to a happy life.

All the card games, sports and many forms of entertainment become a hit, if fundamentally they give this opportunity at a very low relative cost.

So i guess just learning to laugh at self is not enough. You need to start making enough silly mistakes as well and make sure they have zero impact on serious matters. Tough life !!! me feels blessed.


And now Fedora 11 beta review is out.... Sigh!

I am trying to resist it... but i just _know_ i am going to install it sooner or later to try out.

Early diagnosis

I (again) changed to jaunty as my default desktop. And after couple of days two realisations have hit me hard.

  1. I have obsessive compulsive disorder about changing my desktop
  2. Not being able to 'git checkout' exact kernel i am running on my prodution machine makes me nervous, uneasy and leaves a deep emotional void in my chest.


Can anything actually be too early? dates and venue announced just announced the dates and venue for next conference in 09.

And in even more shocking dvvelopment, they have also annonced a CFP.. well sort of. They have announced that the CFP will be announced in april itself :D. Well i guess they heard the noises last year.

But now this is a slight problem for me. As always i want to take a workout on teamgit. But there is hardly anything i can plan _right_ now for DECEMBER???? Heck its moving so fast ahead that i really have no idea what to propose.

Well lets see...... May be just a workout on git will do as well. Or may be i can brew up a totally new project. Gitfs storage cluster???? Donno weather this will be official workout, but hey its i can always try and hijack couple of tables. Especially since this year there are going to be lot of them in the hallways as i hear.

To switch or not to switch?

I came to know that SourceForge just launched git,bz and hg SCM management for projects hosted on it.

Should i switch.... ?

On one hand it gives me reliable tried and tested stuff.. plus a project management interface and a bug tracker as well, all in one place.

On the other hand i am doing just fine with github and gitorious.

So i guess i have to make a pros and cons list :) Damn i hate when i have to be analytical....

SIDENOTE: Dose this mean collabnet will launch DVCS services soon?

teamgit Updated

After a short break, i have restarted hacking on teamgit.

And result is here, i just announced teamgit v0.0.10.
A couple of features more and we should head towards v0.1.0

Blogging break

There was a hidden reason behind me halting my blogging for a while. Due to changed working conditions i am flipping back and forth between couple of laptops, and as a side effect none of the most used firefox had teh scribe fire add on!!

Even i didn't realise it untill today when i recollected the number of items i wanted to blog about in last couple of months but just don't seem to do so. Then it hit me it was the wonderfull scribefire.... Thank you scribefire me goes to bloggin again.

Joined calsoft

As it turn out, its been four weeks since i'v accepted a full time job at calsoft as a techniacal lead (and beyond) for their embedded services. And effectively i have terminated all services to Sofomo. I still hold the post of director till other arrangments can be made.

Keeping in line with tradition i won't blog further about my professional life, this sort of bordered between the two.

KDE 4.2 rleased

kubuntu has updates as well...

Installed it and all the quirks from RC1 are gone... and commic strip actually works now for a change

Downloading now on macbook

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