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Listening to the silence

Have you ever heard the sound of silence?

I am afraid, i will be hearing it for better part of next few days. For Sal was told by the doctor to keep mum for few days.

I have a mixed reaction here. Its sort of how American's felt when cold war ended. They were happy that they won, but on the other hand knew they are going to miss it, and miss it bad. Time to invent 9/11 equivalent in my life i guess...


BTW: Nothing serious its just her troubled vocal chord due to what doctor called "bad usage of voice" :D



End of an era.... saying good bye !!!

I am leaving what was my home for almost three plus years...
I have dropped out of crowd. Although i now have a lot more functional and fully owned larger home at (which was in a significant way influenced by , saying goodbye is still in many ways hard.
The journey of birth, life and parting of '/abhijit' has been exciting and joyfull....
I hope that devslashzero and adotout will continue to share a strong bond and crosslinking.
The rest of the is still being maintained by manas and aditya.
See for more info

Update on Due to global recession i apperantly got more profits and could spinoff devslashzero instead ...

Installing Ubuntu Jaunty Server with just 64 MB ram

After the wipe out as stated in the last post... i am still waiting for the ubuntu alterate cd to download.

However meanwhile I found a way to make my server cd install go ahead where it was getting killed by OOM Killer.


I happens to be the case that till the installer starts the partitioner it consumes almost all of 64 mb but still manges to stay alive.So the process to make it work is as follows.


It needs a swap partition to be present on the system. If you don't have one already on the disk, the cd comes with a rescue mode. Use that to create a 500 MB swap paritioin on your disk. Then run the installation. After it reaches partitioner, switch to second terminal and start the console by typing enter. Turn the swap on using command "swapon /dev/<whatever the partition you created>" and you are done just proceed with regular install.


NOTE: Due to swapping the install will be even slower.... on top of what is probably a P-III or P-IV system. I am stil waiting for the install to complete. Its waiting on generating all the locales which is going to take rreeeeaaalllllyyyyy lllooooonnnnnggggg time.

Some things that i never learn

I did it again, after almost three years of spotless record, i wiped my server root partition clean...

Well as usual i was trying to put sense in my back up setup which had quickly become a mess since its initiations. I had several copies of many folder lying around on multiple partitions. So i wrote a geneous script to find the dupes catlog them and copy them over to the central backup partition. This went surprisingly without a hitch. Excited i just wiped out the original files, only to find out my root partition was also on one of the drives.


So my data is safe, my OS is not and all those scripts i wrote over the years are now reduced to sweet memories.

Being stupid is probably best way to force yourself to upgrade old unsupported gutsy systems.


PS: jaunty live cd/server cd will not boot with 64 mb ram, you _have_ to use alternate cd.


Today happened to be the day i had to put innovation to work.


Was visiting aditya on a project review agenda. While we were talking, suddenly his door bell rang. His mom was outside the door with her key stuck in the lock which, we later found, was broken to the point that we could not even open it from inside.


With some good 15 minutes of discussion, door/lock banging and play with screwdrivers we were still stuck inside his house. We had so far tried many kitchen utensils, a couple of slim rods, tried taking out the screws holding the lock stoppers (designed well apperantly, since we couldn't). Then i suddenly had a flash of innovation. Went to my bag and released the chained calsoft ID i had tangling from one of the sholder straps. The neck band (what is it called?) attached to it was actually a thin nylon based Mozilla Firfox ribbon. I managed to push it inside the gap between the door and frame, around the lock and in my hand again. A quick pull on the ribbon and the job was done we were free again.


So now i can tell atleast one story about how FireFox saved my day.

Whats yours?


How much of a frood are you?

Hail douglas adams and have your towel with you today.

Its a good idea for rest of the year as well.



Drupal upgrade

I just upgraded devslashzero to drupal6 from drupal5.
It was mostly a smooth upgrade except for one small hiccup in permissions.
Anonymous could no longer view many sections of the site. But drupal community being so wonderful, i could quickly fix it by adding an entry in database table for default permissions and world was happy again.
This is what i love about drupal. Things are readable, easy to hack on and information is readily available. Things aren't buried deep inside the code logic and simplicity is preferred over features.
A full year later I don't regret my switch to drupal.

"The answer"

Successfully on KDE 4.2 since last three days :o
Few quirks as usual but thats the fun part.
(The default oxygen style just does not work. it misses making updates to parts of application window every now and then making it quite ugly experience. However switching to plain old plastik makes it go away.)
Also just realized that this release is named "The Answer". Took me a while to hit the "42" conncetion.

Linux automatically switching proxy gnome/kde4

I finally found a way to change the kde4 proxy automatically based on class of ip address i get on available network interface.
I already found a script from google to do that for gnome.
And now found a KDE3 script which had to be modified to do a KDE4 DBUS message to make applications reread the settings.
The info was especially hard to find on the net. Reproducing both scripts below.

Put below in /etc/NetworkManager/dispatcher.d/02proxy

Make sure you make appropriate changes to USERNAME and YOURPROXY etc. (Click read more to find the scripts)

Switched (back) to KDE4

What can i say.... i am sick.

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